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Guy I'm seeing is always online on whatsapp, does he have someone else?


Guy Im seeing is always online on whatsapp, does he have someone else? Shasun pharmaceuticals ltd pondicherry address

Theres a guy i like and have spoken to a few times on facebook and text. everytime i go on whatsapp, he's either online or just been online. I would assume he's always online and be done with it. is what i would do if i'm talking to a guy i like why else would he be so keen to check his messages that. Could someone really be talking on whatsapp day and night? The other week when we met up literally as I left to go home I could see he was straight on there! . As in does he have a lot of guy mates. even on my way to meeting him I would see he was constantly online on whatsapp and the dating site.

Does online on whatsapp mean they are talking to someone

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If someone is online on whatsapp does it mean they are chatting

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Who is he talking to on whatsapp

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Why is she always online on whatsapp

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