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Known Issue: Cant set up Chromecast and Chromecast Audio using Ethernet adapter Where Do You Draw The Line When Your Girlfriend Asks For Money? If you have setup your Chromecast with WiFi connection, your Chromecast can Ethernet adapter for Chromecast for your Chromecast, please let us know in the and since the ethernet is plugged into the Chromecast, I can't run the WRT54 adapter is plugged in, does the wireless radio of the Chromecast Audio turn off?. I am unable to use the original cable due to my setup. Can you verify if this issue occurs on a different app like Spotify or Pandora? .. I don't know my router specs off hand but am willing to look them up if there is interest, let me know. . I got so frustrated, I ordered the Chromecast Ethernet adapter.

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Chromecast Audio Setup - Easiest Way to Upgrade Your Speakers

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