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Another mistrial declared in murder case of cheerleader burned alive


Quinton Tellis trial: 2nd mistrial declared after jury hangs in Jessica Chambers case Fastpitch Softball Team Building Activities For The Busy Coach Judgelares mistrial after jury unable to reach verdict in Tellis trial haslared a mistrial in the murder case of Jessica Chambers. the jury could not reach a verdict in the capital murder trial of Quinton Tellis. This is the second time Tellis has been on trial for the murder after a hung jury last year. Quinton Tellis was originally charged in Chambers' murder, but the Jurors couldn't reach a verdict last year in the first trial of Quinton It ultimately ended in a hung jury. STORY: Mistriallared in first Jessica Chambers murder case The jury deliberated for 10 hours after closing statements were.

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Judge Declares Mistrial In Jessica Chambers Murder Trial

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Jessica Chambers: The Retrial Of Quinton Tellis (Day 2 – Part 1) - Oxygen

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