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Vodafone SuperNet 4G: How to Shift to 4G And Get Free 4GB Data


Vodafone is giving 4GB of 4G data free: Heres how you can avail it Visa pour raisons médicales On upgrading to a Vodafone SuperNet 4G SIM, Vodafone prepaid customers with 4G customers can avail free 4GB data till their next billing date on a 4G handset. to (this number will be available on the new SIM card/jacket given to you). Here's Why the Jeep Compass SUV is so Popular. Vodafone is offering 4GB of free to Delhi-NCR users upgrade to a SuperNet Users need to have a 4G-enabled handset to avail the 4GB data.

How to get 4gb free data on vodafone

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Vodafone 4g free data

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Vodafone plan-599 रुपये par vodafone ne kiya kamaal😀👍

Vodafone 4g free data

Vodafone Now Offering 4GB of Free Data to New 4G Consumers

How To Upgrade To Vodafone 4G & Get 2GB FREE DATA!!